About Sosmix

What is Sosmix?
Sosmix is a vegetarian sausage mix that has been around almost as long as there have been vegetarians.
It has been loved by vegetarian & vegans for decades to make great meat free meals and has been handed down through families for generations.

Sosmix Rolls

Why is it now so difficult to find Sosmix?
Over the years Sosmix has had a few owners. It started as Protoveg Sosmix and then bought by another firm, then another.
More recently it was bought by Symingtons Foods who decided to stop supplying it in the older small packets & cardboard boxes.

Where can we buy Sosmix?
Sosmix is very hard to find but the online Vegan Store, Alternative Stores are still supplying the original Sosmix in new 500g, 1kg, 5kg & 10kg bags. You can order online for delivery, usually next day within the UK, or they ship worldwide.
It can also be bought direct from Alternative Stores shop near to Newcastle upon Tyne.
We have also found several health food stores selling sausage mixes with the label “sosmix” but its not the original Sosmix so beware of imitations like the Granose or Suma sausage mixes.

How do I use Sosmix?
Simply mix 150g of Sosmix with 250ml of cold water & allow to stand for 10 mins.
Form into sausage or burger shapes & fry gently in a little oil until golden brown or bake on a tray in the oven.
You may wish to add herbs, onions, tomato, vegetables, garlic to taste but this is not necessary.
See our Sosmix Recipe page for more ideas.

If you need some more convincing on this vegan wonder-product, take a look at the Sosmix reviews, there’s over 150 5 star reviews – https://alternativestores.com/products/original-sosmix-vegan-sausage-mix-1kg-bag