Original Burgamix

Direct Foods Burgamix – still available from AlternativeStores.com

Alongside Original Sosmix, Direct Foods produced Burgamix, a complete textured soya protein burger mix. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians, this is another product which has been much-loved for decades. Alternative Stores are still supplying the original Burgamix in new 500g, 1kg & 5kg bags. You can order online for delivery, usually next day within the UK, or they ship worldwide. It can also be bought direct from Alternative Stores shop near to Newcastle upon Tyne.

How do I use Burgamix?

Use 150g of burger mix to 300ml of cold water. Mix well, form into burgers and shallow fry on both sides.

It is great on its own, simply mix with water and then cook on a baking tray or in the pan. It is seasoned and delicious but versatile so should you wish to add your own seasonings/beans/pulses then you can flavour your mix however you wish.