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 What is Sosmix?
 Sosmix is a vegetarian sausage mix that has been around almost as long as there have been vegetarians.
 Its been used by vegetarian & vegans for many years to make great meat free meals.

        Why is it now so difficult to find Sosmix?
        Over the years Sosmix has had a few owners. It started as Protoveg Sosmix and then bought by another firm, then another.
        Recently it was bought by Symingtons foods who decide to stop supplying it in the usual small packets & boxes.

        Where can we buy Sosmix?
        Sosmix is very hard to find but the online Vegan Store, Alternative Stores are still supplying original Sosmix in new 1KG & 500g bags.
        It can also be bought direct from Alternative Stores Newcastle Vegan Store.
        We have also found several health food stores selling a sausage mixes with the label "sosmix" but its not the original
        Sosmix, often containing egg & dairy & tastes like cardboard.


        How do I use Sosmix?
        Simply mix 150g of Sosmix with 250ml of cold water & allow to stand for 10 mins.
        Form into sausage or burger shapes & fry gently in a little oil until golden brown or bake on a tray in the oven.
        Add herbs, onions, tomato, vegetables, garlic to taste. See our Sosmix Recipie pages for more ideas


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